Christmas Light Installers Encinitas

Residential Christmas Light Hangers Encinitas

D-Tek Christmas Creations loves hanging Christmas lights in Encinitas. It is one of our most popular cities for residential Christmas light installations. With how busy peoples schedules can get during the Holiday season it can be a stressful thing to hang your own Christmas lights. It can also be very dangerous especially on the roof/eaves of the house. Let the professionals at D-Tek Christmas Creations handle hanging Christmas lights at your house in Encinitas instead.

When you first get in contact with us we will schedule a day and time that is convenient for you to meet with one of our professional Christmas Light Hangers. We will go over what exactly you want and if you have no idea what you want our professional with come up with a custom Christmas lighting design for your house. We have a huge selection of in stock lights, wreaths, garlands, bows, etc. If we don’t have what you want in stock we can get it for you. The most common types of Christmas lights we hang in residential areas in Encinitas are as follows

  • Traditional C-9 warm white LED’s (many other colors available)
  • Warm white ice style lights (many colors available)
  • Mini lights of various colors
  • Accent Christmas lighting under windows
  • Outlining of windows with C-9 style bulbs
  • Candy cane (red and white) C-9 style LED’s on the roof line/eaves
  • Lawn ornaments of the customers choosing (many in stock)
  • Wrapping palm trees with mini lights (many colors available)

If you have palm trees in your yard you can never go wrong with wrapping them in mini lights or rope lighting. Often times our customers in Encinitas don’t want us to take down the lights we wrap around the palms/trees. It looks amazing year round. For Holiday entertaining it sets a festive atmosphere for you and all of your guests.


Commercial Christmas Light Installation Encinitas

We also offer Christmas light hanging and Christmas light installation services to commercial properties in Encinitas. What better way to draw more customers to your shopping center this Christmas Season than with a professional Christmas light display. D-Tek Christmas Creations offers a wide variety of in stock lights, wreaths, garlands, mini lights, globe lights. If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock we can order it for you.

The most common types of Christmas lights we install on commercial properties in Encinitas are as follows:

  • Traditional C-9 style warm white LED’s on the roof line or around windows (many colors available)
  • Mini lights (many colors available) wrapped around trees and bushes
  • Large garlands and wreaths with mini lights
  • Large bows with glitter and mini lights
  • Ice style lights on the eaves
  • Stake lights on pathways or in planter beds

If what you want at your commercial property in Encinitas is different than what we listed above that is fine to. If you have no idea what you want or need to attract more customers to your business or shopping center this Holiday season that’s fine as well. Schedule an appointment to have one of our professionals come and meet with you to go over what would look best for your business or shopping center. We can offer range of products, ideas, and budgets to meet your individual needs.

Every commercial Christmas light install in Encinitas includes the following:

  • Free consultation with one of our professional Christmas light display installers
  • Supply of all lights, cords, timers, wreaths, bows, garlands, etc
  • Professional installation of all Christmas lights and Christmas decor
  • Guarantee that if any bulbs do go out we can come back free of charge and replace them
  • Removal of all Christmas lights and Christmas decor shortly after the new year

The sooner you schedule for one of our Holiday lighting professionals to come out the better. Our calendar can get very packed during the Holiday season. The earlier in the season you call the quicker we can get your Christmas lighting design finalized and installed.

For your commercial Christmas lighting installation or residential Christmas light installation needs call D-Tek Christmas Creations today! We have a huge in stock selection of in stock lights, ornaments, wreaths, and garlands to make your Holiday lighting ideas come to life.